ALAN-13 Reformation

ALAN-13 Reformation is passion project inspired by various logical puzzle games.

For screenshots and videos check out see our official Press Kit!


What kind of game is ALAN-13 Reformation?

ALAN-13 is a grid based isometric puzzle game. First and foremost it's a form of entertainment for those who like exercising their brains. Secondly it's a light introduction to the basic concepts of programming.

On what platforms is ALAN-13 available?

As of now it's on Windows (PC) only, but we are working on a MAC release also.

How can I buy your game?

You can purchase a copy on our Epic storefront .

Or on Steam .

Can my PC run this game?

If you bought your pc in the past 10 years and it runs windows 10, you are probably good to go, but check out the specifics of requirements on our Steam or Epic page. Using a mouse is highly recommended.

How many levels are there?

At the moment there are 20 levels, but they greatly vary in complexity: end-game, high complexity levels can take hours to solve.

What programming language is used to complete the levels?

ALAN-13 doesn't teach any specific programming language. You'll use a visual, drag and drop style solution creator and typing can be avoided entirely. However the knowledge, the ability to use the coding concepts learned this way can be transferred to any actual programming language.

Will I learn programming by the time I finish all the levels?

If you can finish all the levels without outside help, you most likely have what it takes to be a professional programmer, but this could be just the beginning of the journey.

What are the programming concepts introduced in your game specifically?

Loops, variables, arrays and indexing, branches and conditions, function calls and in general breaking up problems to small, sequential steps.

Isn't using GOTO statements bad practice? Why is the usage of Interruptor encouraged in the game then?

Many people misinterpreted the Interruptor as a GOTO instruction. But it's actually much closer to a function call. Unlike a GOTO, Interruptors are pushed to the stack before the jump, and then when the jump branch terminates it's popped out of the stack to continue execution on its output. The only difference to a function is that it doesn't have a local scope, but local scopes didn't make sense from our specific gameplay perspective. Furthermore, this game meant to be introducing the very basics of programming tools, striving for clean code is another layer of abstraction. (On low abstraction levels every function call and method is basically a wrapper around GOTO jump instructions, understanding this could be beneficial for everyone.)

I had trouble learning programming in school, will ALAN-13 help me?

It depends on the reason you had trouble with learning programming. If you had incompetent teachers or a badly structured course, then sure, trying a completely different approach can help. But it's also possible that coding is not your strong suit. It doesn't mean that you are not smart, but programming requires a certain mindset that doesn't come naturally for some. If focusing on a single problem for long exhausts you, if having to keep track mentally of complex arrangement of things frustrates you, then programming probably won't be enjoyable or fruitful for you even if you force yourself to learn it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

What should I do if I find a bug or if I would like to give feedback about my experience with the game?

You can contact us by the links provided on the bottom of this page (by clicking on the appropriate social media icons), check the troubleshooting section, or you can join our discord server.

Alternatively check out our storefront on Epic Games: ALAN-13 on Epic Store !