Ethical Game Monetization Initiative (EGMI)

We believe that in game development the main focus shouldn't be about profit maximization, but about the celebration of human creativity, ingenuity and enjoyment of play and competition.

In accordance with this philosophy we started an initiative to return to the roots of the gaming industry. Therefore in our games we pledge to avoid the potentially harmful practices which stemmed from the corporatization of game development.

This means we comply with the following rules:

  • No preordering options
  • No in-game advertisements, no microtransaction advertising pop-ups
  • No microstransactions*
  • All game currencies can be obtained exclusively by gameplay
  • No NFT integration**
  • No real-money auction house

*No microtransaction is permitted which affects gameplay in any shape or form (i.e inventory slots, xp boost etc), however non-intrusive, merely aesthetic, non-immersion-breaking skins or pets are permissible.

**There is nothing wrong with NFTs as a technology, however this pledge is for those developers and studios who are willing to stick to the old and tested monetization practices people can trust as of now. NFTs main appeal is that it can create artificial scarcity, whereas digital goods normally can be infinitely and practically freely reproduced. As of now there is no evidence that this artificial scarcity can reliably serve the interests of the end user: the player. If in the future we see examples of NFT usage in regular games with great success and consumer satisfaction and without exploitation, we might change our stance.