The game crashes on start up.

When you start the game, it's trying to validate your ownership through the Steam API, so you have to be connected to the internet. Installations is also tied to your device, and changes (like switching to windows 11 after installation) has been reportedly caused issues. In that case, you can navigate to "[your windows drive]:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata" and cut the directory named "ALAN13" and paste it into a backup folder. If it exists, then do the same with the directory "UntitledRobotGamePrototype". You can also just delete them if you don't have saves that you are worried about. If it still doesn't work delete the "UserData.json" file from the root directory of the game in the directory created by steam.

The game doesnt work correctly on the Steam Deck.

As of now officially we don't support running our game on a Steam Deck (we don't have one to test it on) '

My progress is not saved on Linux systems.

Although officially we don't support linux systems, reportedly swicthing on compatibility mode in the options menu solves this issue.

There is a weird graphical glicth during gameplay.

This issue can be remedied by unchecking the interference effect in the options menu.

Alternatively check out our storefront on Epic: ALAN-13 on Epic Store !